Most favorable housing loan

Commitments are guaranteed a permanent place in everyone’s life. Sometimes they concern trivial and less important things, but there are also times when they can decide not only about our future, but also our loved ones or children. Therefore, when deciding on a home loan, it is worth not only to rethink this option, but also all its elements.

It is possible that it can be made more profitable

It is possible that it can be made more profitable

Why? Well, it turns out that housing loans, like other loans, differ depending on the institution that grants them. It should be remembered that only banks are authorized to do so.

But in each bank there are also separate rules that determine whether our credit will be at least fairly favorable. No wonder that there is a real battle between them for the client, where all tricks are allowed. Banks are tempted by both low commissions and the possibilities to take and repay these loans on the most convenient terms. 

First of all, the interest rate should be as low as possible. It is one of the main components of our installments and what we must give to banks in addition. It is obvious that the amounts returned monthly exceed the nominal value of the loan, so it is worth reducing them as much as possible.

Also the commission and additional fees are components

Also the commission and additional fees are components

That are worth avoiding. Of course, not everything can and should be eliminated. Well, for example, credit insurance, while most of them fill the pockets of insurers, the rest can significantly help us in case of emergencies. An example would be our sudden illness or job loss when we are unable to meet the credit conditions.

Then for a certain period of time it is the insurer who pays at least part of this amount to facilitate the repayment process. However, one of the best solutions of the last several years is taking out a housing loan in foreign currencies.

Thanks to this, the interest rate decreases, and we actually pay back many times less than in the case of a loan contracted in Polish dollars. That is why it is worth looking carefully at the banks’ offers and choosing the one that suits us as much as possible.

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