7 Cuz Beer Store moves and will anchor New Quentin Crossings shopping center

7 Cuz Beer Store is moving from 1740 Quentin Road in Cedar Crest Square shopping center to the new Quentin Crossings Mall at 1980 Quentin Road, behind and just east of Members’ First Credit Union.

The store is owned and operated by Musser’s Inc. and will be one of five tenants in the mini-mall being built by the real estate division of Musser’s Inc.

“The business (7 Cuz Beer Store) went very well,” said Brian Musser, owner of Musser’s Inc. “The city of Lebanon treated us very well. That’s why we wanted to stay. We were one of the businesses that were able to stay open thanks to COVID-19. People want different places for their beer needs. We expect the same at the new location. We are there for our customers.

Musser expects the new beer store to open in early 2022, and the search for neighboring tenants in Quentin Crossings is well underway. Currently, construction at 1980 Quentin Road is starting to take shape, and the physical outline of the L-shaped linear mall – which can accommodate two drive-ins – is apparent.

“All the digs have been completed,” Musser said. “We are working on pouring concrete. We should start laying blocks by next week.

“I would say we have the normal problems, but things are going well,” he added. “In our heads, we are on a timeline. There are challenges. “

The current location of 7 Cuz Beer Store.

7 Cuz Beer Store is different from most of the places where residents of Lebanon County buy beer.

It has a spacious exhibition hall, a large selection of adult beers and drinks in different quantities, sizes and quantities, as well as an assortment of cigars and smoking related items. 7 Cuz Beer Store combines the ambiance of an old beer dispenser with the convenience of a grocery store.

“What we have is the largest selection of craft beers in Lebanon,” Musser said. “Our family owned grocery business has inspired us. It’s a small grocery store mentality in a beer store atmosphere. We greatly value our customers.

“The goal has always been to make women feel comfortable walking into the store. The majority of women shop for their families. It is well lit with a huge inventory. To be the most beautiful beer store in Lebanon is our goal. The new location will look really neat when completed.

A scene from the current location of 7 Cuz Beer Store.

7 Cuz Beer Store, named after seven members of the Lancaster County Musser family, opened in March 2018. The space it currently occupies is in a building right next to the store and leased from the Quentin Road location of the Giant grocery chain.

Two years ago, Musser’s Inc. sold the property to Giant.

“We’re in real estate as a business,” said Musser, a 42-year-old Holtwood resident. “We have two other linear shopping centers, in Quarryville and Columbia. We sublet them (Giant). There was a delay. We knew they wanted to use this space at some point.

“I don’t know what they (Giant) have planned for this space. The rumor that Giant was kicking us out wasn’t true. We have a very good working relationship with Giant.

After purchasing the business and ownership of the former Foodland, Musser’s Inc. operated the Musser’s grocery store at Cedar Crest Mall for seven years, starting in 2012. Musser’s Inc. sold the property to the Giant chain at the end of 2019.

“There’s a real estate side to it, but we also have a business side to the business,” Musser said. “In this building (the new location of 7 Cuz Beer Store), we kind of link the two sides. We have always loved real estate.

A sign at the new construction site shows the design of the new shopping area.

In addition to Seven Cuz, Quentin Crossings, and the Columbia and Quarryville linear malls, Musser’s Inc. also operates four retail stores, including the Southern End Outdoors store in Quarryville and the Genuine Tobacco stores.

“We believe in local business and supporting local businesses,” Musser said. “We believe this is what drives our local economies. Local businesses give back to the community. Local businesses are close to my heart.

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