Brewers Association Recognizes 4 ‘New’ Styles of Beer in 2021 Style Guidelines

These hops are trendy.

Four new styles of beer have been officially added to this year’s style guide for the Brewers Association, professional association of independent brewers. Among them are New Zealand-style Pale Ale, New Zealand-style India Pale Ale (IPA), Kentucky Common Beer and Belgian-style Session Ale.

The Brewer’s Association has added four new styles of beer to its guidelines. (iStock).

Craft brewers in the US and around the world continue to push the boundaries of beer by reviving long lost styles and innovating in new spaces of beer flavor,” said Chris Swersey, Head of Competition. to the Brewers Association, about the news earlier this year. “The 2021 Beer Style Guidelines reflect many exciting trends in brewing with many additions and updates for further clarification.”

The new styles will be showcased at the Brewer Association’s Great American Beer Festival competition, scheduled for this fall.


The New Zealand style Pale Ale has a medium to high hop aroma with hints of tropical fruit and passion fruit with a dry finish for a refreshing, easy to drink sip. New Zealand-style India Pale Ale malt, on the other hand, features citrus and grassy notes with a dry finish.

The sip gets spicier with the Belgian-style Session Ale, while the Kentucky Common Ale would taste a bit sweeter, with a malt aroma with hints of caramel, toffee, corn and toffee.

Official style guidelines suggest that these beers were added, in part because of their more common availability in the commercial market, and not necessarily because they are new to beer drinkers. The Brewers Association’s beer style guidelines are also based on “historical significance, authenticity or high visibility in today’s commercial beer market,” the BA said.


The Brewers Association currently represents more than 5,300 independent American brewers and more than 46,000 members of the American Homebrewers Association. Its annual guidelines have been published since 1993.