“It’s sad for the community”: closing of the Elmvale beer store

Kevin Steele has just two words to say on the announcement of the Elmvale beer store closing.

“It sucks,” Steele said, after buying a few tallboys on March 5.

Steele believes he has been buying beer from the local retail store for 35 years.

“Now I’m going to have to buy my beer in Midland or Barrie; it sucks, ”he said.

Neither the customers nor the seller know why the store is due to close on April 11.

“It sucks,” said store saleswoman Angela Giffen. “I mean, we (the employees) all go to Barrie, which is good; luckily we are all still employed.

“But it’s still sad for the community. It’s a very busy place and we don’t really know why they are closing.

Giffen said staff were told three weeks ago that the outlet was closed, which she believes has been open for around 60 years.

“The market has changed across the province,” Beer Store head office Jim Warren said in an email. “As a retailer, the Beer Store sometimes has to make tough decisions, based on market research and changes in consumer buying behavior.”

In a press release, the head office acknowledged the impact of the closure: “We appreciate that this location closure has an impact on some customers.” He also advised customers to shop at Wasaga Beach or Barrie stores.

“I think it’s disappointing and a huge blow to the community,” said customer Jim Lapcevich, who was purchasing two packs of 12.

“It brings tourists to town – they stop along the way. And that’s a major drawback for those who don’t travel to work every day, like me, ”he said. “This is our beer store.”